1.Tea For Two(Vincent Youmans)3:00
2.(Back Home Again In) Indiana(James F. Hanley)4:31
3.Shine (aka S-H-I-N-E)(Ford Dabney)11:11


Relevé #1 / Transcription #1: Tea For Two

Le relevé de Tea For Two est en ligne: cliquez ici

The transcription of Tea For Two is online: click here

2 commentaires:

  1. Thanks great and very interesting site!
    Any more infomation on Ronnies Custom Gibson Es150?

  2. Hi Pete,

    Thanks for the kind words!

    Well, it's a regular Gibson ES-150 with quite a few modifications. What I see from the pictures compared to my ES-150 is:

    * ebony finish
    * f-holes binding
    * black pickguard
    * different headstock & tuners
    * mother-of-pearl inlaid cameos
    * white plastic buttons
    * compensated wood bridge
    * different tailpiece
    * jack hole added

    His nephew has heard he spent a lot of time and money to customize it. Except for the compensated bridge, everything is purely cosmetic and doesn't affect the sound. He played with either a EH-150 or a EH-185 (according to the two pictures I got). And what a tone!

    I've got pictures of the guitar now, send me an email (contact section) and I'll forward them to you.